This union represents all demographics within our membership and provides services to ensure that all members are equally well-supported and informed. We believe strongly that advocacy involves redressing imbalances of power and amplifying the voices of those most vulnerable. Research has long indicated that those within the BAME demographic are most greatly represented in statistics regarding socioeconomic and health inequalities. It is therefore incumbent upon us as a union to provide specific support and resources to address these disadvantages amongst BAME health and social care professionals.


It is essential to note that while this service has been implemented to support BAME union members, the information and resources provided are relevant and important to our entire membership, as positive change requires a unified effort amongst all health and social care professionals.  


Please note that 'BAME' is a term that we use out of necessity, as it is most recognised when identifying the Black and Asian demographic in the UK. However, it is a not a term that we believe accurately represents the facts. Blacks and Asians make up only 14% of the UK population but have historically and meaningfully contributed to 100% of major industries in UK society. While the BAME demographic is a minority in number, they are certainly NOT a minority in value.

This value is significantly demonstrated within the NHS, which is the largest employer of BAME workers in the UK. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has worsened the effects of the disadvantages that BAME health and social care workers have always faced on a daily basis. The effect of discriminatory conditions before and during the pandemic has contributed to shockingly disproportionate COVID-19 deaths within this demographic.





We understand that it is not easy to speak up for yourself as a BAME worker. We also know that change is difficult and is most effective when individuals come together. It is therefore our aim at AHSCP Union to work with you, providing specialist support to BAME health and social care professionals in the following ways:

  • To provide a safe, private space to raise concerns amongst yourselves

  • To facilitate the raising of concerns to employers as an individual or as part of a group

  • To provide mental health support

  • To provide resources for career development

  • To provide legal advice in matters regarding race discrimination 

  • To support you in developing your workplace BAME initiatives 


To receive support, please complete a registration form here.




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22 December 2020


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