Access to Employee Advocacy

When a member faces a problem in the workplace, the employee advocacy service can provide you with exactly the support you need. This unique professional service unites you with an experienced paralegal advocate who will help you to formally raise employee concerns, assert your rights and obtain the outcomes to which you are entitled. 

Eligible members of this union will be able to access this service for up to 15% off the usual fees. For more information, please visit the Agency for Employee Advocacy website at

Non-Employment Crisis Support

We provide our members with support for non-employment concerns. If you are facing difficulties with housing, finances, disability or your own health and social care, we offer free advice and signposting. If you require advocacy in any of these areas, we can help you to obtain relevant professional advocacy support at a reduced cost.

'Honest Conversation' Virtual Talks

These are opportunities for union members to safely discuss issues of importance. Here, we share ideas about current trends in the health and social care sector and the interact about ways that we can promote self-advocacy and improve the professional experience. These events are free.

Mental Health Coaching 

We provide one-on-one mental health coaching to support our members facing challenging workplace conditions from day-to-day. Our aim is to provide them with tools and resources for mental and emotional resilience within the workplace, which is essential in view of the current health and social care climate. We offer a safe space to confidentially address the personal and professional challenges of performing their role. Our coaching practice is delivered by qualified coaches and is informed by standard coaching techniques, as well as principles of psychology and cognitive behavioural therapy. Each session is for 75 minutes.

Professional Development Workshops 

Our development workshops enrich your understanding of core principles which promote and undergird a positive HSC working experience. These workshops are offered either online and in-person covering a variety of subjects which are relevant to the needs and interests of our members. Members are invited to make suggestions for workshop topics.

CPD Accredited Courses 

Our CPD accredited courses are provided through Ashlie Development Learning Online. If you wish to enrol, please email us first at to receive your membership discount promo code. You will not receive your membership discount without this code.


Accredited training facilitates your fulfilment of any CPD requirements for your licence and/or area of practice. Professionals, and ultimately their places of work, will be enriched by these comprehensive and interactive courses which teach principles and methodologies for best practice. 


Obtaining an accredited certification demonstrates your commitment to personal and professional improvement, and to high standards of practice.  All courses offer a great opportunity to build your academic profile - and your CV. The currricula provides essential information about the mental, emotional and practical skills necessary for effective application within your career and workplace.