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(in alphabetical order)


Sharon Bloomfield is a law graduate and certified medical secretary with a diploma in legal secretarial studies. Sharon has rich and varied secretarial experience, with placement in numerous London hospitals and medical centres. Her passion for health, law and advocacy is demonstrated in her volunteer role with the Terrence Higgin Trust, the UK’s leading HIV and sexual health charity, and also volunteering at the Waltham Forest Magistrates’ Court Witness Service providing client care and advisory support for victims/witnesses. Sharon is currently pursuing her SQE.



Sylvia Bone is a qualified nurse and midwife with 36 years’ experience. She worked extensively as the Clinical Lead Midwife of the Antenatal and Maternity Assessment Day Units at her local hospital. In addition, Sylvia is an Expert Practitioner for the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), having been published in NICE’s Medtech Innovation Briefing for her ground-breaking urinalysis auditing work. She was also published in All4Maternity Magazine for the same. Sylvia is passionate and vocal about raising care standards for women and babies in antenatal, delivery and postnatal services, saving numerous lives in the process.  



Margaret Harper has 14 years’ experience in Adult Social Care, working in Domiciliary Care and the Independent Living Team. Her role with a local authority was as a Reablement Officer, helping service users to resettle in the community further to hospital discharge. In this role she obtained vital skills and experience which she continues to utilise in her current position. Margaret has played a key role amongst staff as an employee representative, championing employee rights and challenging employment changes which negatively impact workers and service users. She remains engaged in a wide, strong network of workers within Adult Social Care and continues to champion these causes.



Jacqueline Parkes has been nominated as union chair by committee consensus. She is a professional paralegal practitioner in employment law, social rights advocate, accredited trainer and certified coach. Jacqueline has over 25 years’ HSC experience in primary and secondary care settings as a practice manager, administrative manager, psychology service administrator and AMSPAR-qualified medical secretary. She is currently the managing director of Ashlie Advisory and Consultancy Services Ltd through which provides advocacy and paralegal services to a wide range of clientele. 



Anita Williams is a qualified nurse and midwife with extensive NHS experience and a long record of positive patient feedback. Anita guest lectures at Stanmore College speaking to students enrolled in the nursing and midwifery programmes. She has worked as a volunteer first aide and helped to launch a community-based mother and baby group in Luton, which included user engagement seeking their experiences with local maternity services. Anita is a champion for the improvement of working conditions which negatively impact disabled and chronically ill nurses and midwives.