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Research & Articles

AHSCP Union Statement on Mandatory Vaccination for Health and Social Care Workers
15 January 2022

AHSCP Union COVID-19 Vaccination Data Overview
15 January 2022

The Guardian - Now we health workers know how empty Boris' 'clap for heroes' really was
05 March 2021

BBC - Nurses anger over 'pitiful' 1% NHS pay rise
04 March 2021

People Management - NHS Worker Subjected to 'stressful' practical joke unfairly dismissed, tribunal finds
05 February 2021

The Guardian - Medical Students on the Covid Frontline
01 February 2021

BBC - COVID-19: 'Traumatised' hospital staff need time to recover
01 February 2021

The Guardian - Nurses failed by years of Tory cutbacks
31 January 2021

Brodies LLP - COVID-19: Can employers require employees to be vaccinated?
26 January 2021

The Mirror - Nurses say 'Don't Clap'
07 January 2021

The Guardian - NHS staff afraid to speak out during COVID-19
01 January 2021
Daily Mail - Retired nurse receives British Empire Medal for working on COVID-19 frontline
31 December 2020
Metro Newspaper - 'Nurses go hungry'
18 December 2020
Anthony Gold Solicitors - 'Bullying in the workplace is in the hot seat'
16 December 2020
BMA - 'Structure and culture' influences pay gap in general medicine
16 December 2020
BBC - 'Unconscious Bias' training to be stopped by ministers
15 December 2020
BMJ Open Research on Stress and Well-being of Final Year Medical Students
Evaluating burnout and psychological among doctors at the University College Dublin; 10 December 2020

BMJ Open COVID-19 Research
This document provides research published on the experiences of health and social care workers during the COVID-19 pandemic; 05 November 2020

SOM & RCN Foundation Research
The Mental Health and Wellbeing of Nurses and Midwives in the United Kingdom; July 2020

Kings Fund NHS Sickness Absence - Mental Health Article
October 2019

NMC - 'Time for bullying and harassment in nursing and midwifery to stop'
June 2019

Personnel Today - 'Dysfunctional' NHS Culture
February 2019

Personnel Today - Abundance of NHS Staff Bullying and Harassment Complaints 
February 2019
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