1. Membership to AHSCP Union is open to any clinical or non-clinical health and social care professional (HSCP) in the public sector; membership is by approval.

  2. In accordance with the Article 11 of the European Convention of Human Rights, HSCPs  have the right to become a union member or to discontinue membership (in accordance with section 69). Union members must discontinue membership in writing by email or hardcopy communication with 30 days’ notice.

  3. AHSCP Union members have the right to enjoy free union membership and the specific benefits of collective bargaining (conducted by the committee) and right to accompaniment (from committee members or union representatives) as per union legislation.

  4. Members must participate in any discussions (in person or virtually) regarding any legal duties required for the operation of the union and engage in any actions as agreed by the Committee.

  5. Members have the right to raise any employment matters of concern with the committee. Committee members will participate in any discussions (in person or virtually) requested by 50% or more of the union membership of a bargaining unit (whichever is relevant) regarding specific employer action(s) or working conditions which negatively impact members’ working experience. Non-industrial action for members as a whole will be undertaken by the committee subject to a minimum vote of 60% from all members.

  6. In accordance with section 62, members have a right to exercise a vote for industrial action as per the following guidelines:

    1. In accordance with the Trade Union Act 2016, a threshold of 40% of union members who work in important public services (which includes medical services) must be met when voting for industrial action;

    2. AHSCP Union stipulates that this threshold of 40% will apply to all voting members as HSC professionals, whether working in clinical or non-clinical capacities.

  7. Members may make application to the committee to become a union representative according to the following guidelines:

    1. Members are permitted to apply once per calendar year;

    2. Members must be a member of the union for a minimum of 6 months prior to application;

    3. Members must successfully undergo and complete union representative training as specified by the committee.

  8. In accordance with sections 168 and 169, union members in a recognised union are entitled to a reasonable amount of paid time off by employers to perform trade union duties or to undergo relevant training for recognised unions. Proof of trade union activities must be evidenced by signed notification from a committee member; requests for time off for union purposes is otherwise invalid. To avoid unnecessary conflict with employers, union communication and engagement will be conducted electronically, telephonically and in writing as much as is possible.

  9. Union members may not undertake any actions which are unknown to or have not been approved by the committee in the name of or on behalf of the union or its members, or to use its full name (Advocacy for HSC Professionals Union), its abbreviated name (AHSCP Union) or its logo at any time in relation to such actions.

  10. Union members may not engage in any unethical or immoral conduct within the union, or in any behaviours/activities independently of the union which have serious potential to bring the union into disrepute.

  11. Failure to comply to outlined union responsibilities or to engage in any conduct in breach of TULRC may result in exclusion or expulsion of the union in accordance with section 174. Exclusion/expulsion will not entitle the union member to remuneration of outstanding union membership fees.

  12. Union members may complain to the Central Arbitration Committee if he/she believes that the AHSCP Union is in breach of any aspect of the TULRC.